It’s called Content Marketing Fast Forward in English, and most of this website is in Dutch?

What is this #CMFF thing al about?

Andrew Davis, AJ Huisman, Bert van Loon.Please, let us explain:

In the beginning, there was dinner in Amsterdam with AJ Huisman, Andrew Davis and Bert van Loon. At the end of dinner there was the plan to organise an event, where we would share key insights from the best marketing books, written by the brightest marketing minds. Between the idea and successful execution, were only some minor details such as: only ten weeks to go, including the Christmas break,  … all presentations to be developed from scratch,  … and, most importantly, for the time being only three people knowing about this event-to-be at all… Well it’s a way to start 😉

All is well, that ends well” as the saying goes. Ten weeks later an all-seats-sold North Sea Jazz club in Amsterdam was crowded with a warm audience of marketers from agencies and brands. The pressure cooker program lasted until 11PM , when snow quietly started to cover the beautiful city of Amsterdam under a fresh white blanket to cool down the sudden local red spot on the Google heatmap around the event venue.

We could never have developed such an event program without the help of so many dear friends. We received generous dedicated video contributions by Jay Baer, Andy Crestodina, David Meerman Scott, Lee Odden, Joe Pulizzi, Paul Roetzer, and last but not least Ann Handley, speaking on camera surrounded by 2,000 feet of snow in Boston. Thanks guys!

The high after-event survey scores not only suggested that we nailed it, with-a-lot-of-help-of-our-friends, but also that there were many requests to initiate more Content Marketing Fast Forward events.

The Content Marketing Fast Forward website will continue in a mix of Dutch and English, depending on the events, the speakers and partnerships. But whichever language we use, the common language is the drive to accelerate our craft Fast Forward through sharing and caring!

Should you be interested in being part of this initiative in any way, do not hesitate to contact us through the form below.

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