Thanks from #CMFF to the amazing #CMWorld team

Happy to return to #CMWorld in 2019!

A BIG thank you from the bottom of our #CMFF heart to the entire AMAZING #CMWorld team for making this annual reunion in Cleveland the highlight of the year.

As a small, and symbolic, token of our appreciation and respect, we brought you an iconic modern award-winning Dutch design item: a foldable, carton based, Delft Blue vase (cover) by Pepe Heykoop for the Tiny Miracles Project.

The Paper Vase Covers are handmade by the women of the Tiny Miracles communities in Mumbai. Tiny Miracles enables local communities to create their own sustainable livelihood through the manufacturing of Dutch design.

The story behind this wonderful Social Enterprise, founded by Laurien & Pepe, can be found on their website. The sense of community is impressive and resonates with the core thoughts of our shared content marketing community.

All you need to do is bring flowers into your house in a small container that can hold water.  Use one of your drinking glasses and turn it into a contemporary vase with our small version of the Paper Vase cover. The triangular structure allows the paper to set around its bottle (folding instructions inside the cover of the vase). Simply adjust size by folding the paper and the vase cover will fit any bottle as demonstrated in the video.

Thanks a million, CMWorld Team!